Sale / licensing of international patents for the personal cleaning system
Name: Personal cleaning system
Sector: ABC decontamination (atomic, biological and chemical), medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, disaster protection as well as major events such as festivals, sport events, etc.
Brief description: x-wash is an automated personal cleaning and decontamination facility. In a worldwide unique automated and multi-stage process, people are completely purified and decontaminated.
The unique feature of this innovative high-tech product is the absolute effectiveness: the automated process ensures a maximum pure cleaning process with minimum error rate, in the shortest time (ø 37 seconds), with low water consumption and wash chemistry and a maximum in cost savings during operation.
Patents granted for:
• the US
• China
• Japan
• Europe (nationalisation in the single countries in process)
In addition, the following areas are already covered:
• Market research: Business Plan 2012
• Design: design concept, visualisation
• Product development: A technical concept of the Faculty of Production Engineering
• Prototype: System prototype already built, tested and documented
• Public Relations: Company x-wash including corporate identity, website, presentation documents, press work
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