What is x-wash responsibility?
x wash responsibility 01x-wash responsibility is an automated purificationand decontamination facility for humans. In a world-wide unique and internationally patented multi-stage process, people are washed and decontaminated while going through a container unit.
x-wash shall be used in regions of crises, f.e. international emergency accommodations to prevent the spread of pathogens and epidemics. Furthermore, x-wash responsibility is to decontaminate employees and population at chemical or pharmaceutical headquarters as well as for the cleaning and decontamination of the population in public places in case of accidents.
The cleaning and decontamination takes place in six steps:
portal 1: scanning: scan facility to determine the body measurements
portal 2: water: moisten with water through spray nozzles
portal 3: foam: applying of foam through spray nozzles
portal 4: water: cleansing of foam with water from nozzles
portal 5: disinfection: spraying of sanitizer
portal 6: drying: drying with purified and heated air

The process is completely automated: People will be moved and cleaned while standing on a conveyor which goes through a 20ft long unit loading device. This is to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the process. Users are people of every age and gender who are in an emergency situation
Currently the concept for x-wash is for sale.
x wash responsibility 04Fast and efficient
x-wash responsibility will be able to clean and decontaminate 192 people per hour and nearly 2,000 people a day. Thanks to modern spray nozzles, x-wash uses less water than conventional manual decontamination systems. No special infrastructure is required: x-wash responsibility is mobile and autonomous and can be easily combined with existing water treatment plants and mini-power stations.
High-Tech from Germany
x-wash responsibility is an internationally patented technology from Germany. The concept aims a robust and safe system that is installed in a modified airfreight container. It can be transported by airplane, truck and ship. The goal is to start the installation of two persons within 30 minutes.
[1] In accordance with a worldwide similarity research of the Danish Patent Office DKPTO